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Hotel Palazzaccio Cecina

The Etruscan coast

The Etruscan coast stretches from Leghorn up to the promontory of Piombino. It is rocky as far as Castigliocello, becoming then in Cecina and Bibbona an arch of sandy beaches for about 45 km to Baratti, where the hill system of Piombino begins.

The thought that the Etruscan Coast is made up of sea and beaches only is a big mistake, because we are here in a complex territory, where nature and art tell the story of thousands of years. It is the land that charmed the Etruscans, who lived here exploiting its vast riches. Many of the castles and fortified villages built on the hills came to us offering some significant examples of Tuscan Medieval architecture.

A territory rich of artistic testimonies of so many ages, but also an area of high naturalistic value, where oasis and parks protect the typical Mediterranean bush and lots of animal species. Good food, finally, goes well with a renovated and ever more increasing quality of local wines. In the southern part of the Coast, a Wine Route presents vineyards with an high quality production.

Castagneto Carducci

Dominated by the castle of the 'della Gherardesca Counts' around 1000 A.D., Castagneto Carducci is presented with all the charm of the medieval village.

The castle, the walls, and the Church of San Lorenzo are the original core of the historical center. Below the castle there is the Church of the Holy Cross, which owes its name to a wooden crucifix of the Pisan school of the fifteenth century. The town, originally called Castagneto Marittimo, changed its name at the beginning of the twentieth century in honour of the great poet Giosuč Carducci, who spent there most of his life. The house where Carducci lived, is a museum full of attestations.


The castle of Bolgheri is known since the VIII° century A.D., and belonged as well to the family of the 'della Gherardesca' Counts. It suffered several attacks during the centuries, both in 1393 when it was burned by the Florentines, and in 1496 when it was sacked by the army of the Austrian Emperor Maximilian: a first recovery was visible just at the beginning of the XVIII° century, thanks to the effort of the Count Simon, founder of the current stately Palace, and of his grandson and great grandson, who completed the work. Between 1838 and 1848 lived in Bolgheri the poet Giosuč Carducci, who in the famous poem 'In front of San Guido' immortalized the avenue that leads from the Aurelia road to the small village. As a matter of fact, from the Aurelia Road begins the avenue of the centuries old cypresses, almost 5 km long, representing the most spectacular aspect of Bolgheri.

The village offers interesting corners and from a panoramic terrace you have a rare view of the surrounding countryside. In the last recent period Bolgheri experienced a rebirth of tourism, and today its streets and lanes offer lots of shops which sell typical local products as wine and olive oil.


The town, famous for alabaster extraction and manufacturing, maintains a remarkable historical center of Etruscan origin (of this age remains the Arch door splendidly preserved and the Diana door that keeps the blocks of the frames), Roman ruins and medieval buildings such as the Cathedral and the Priori Palace on the homonym square, nerve centre of the town. The name is obviously of Etruscan origin and later adapted to the Latin Volaterrae. The tradition tells that originally twelve city-states including Volterra were part of the Etruscan Confederation called 'Etruria Propria'. From its panoramic points visitors a spectacular view of the typical Tuscan up-country.

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